Sunday, January 28, 2007

Universe and Messages!

OK so my daughter and her boyfriend broke up...I'm of two minds about it I glad to see the turd go but at the same time i hate that she hurts....(she has too much to accomplish to worry about boys anyway I need a Vet in the

She had her wallet with $30.00 bucks in it stolen, along with her cell phone (what a nightmare that's going to be....already called and cancelled the service to her the cost of replacing it)

on the plus side she won a medal for her OAP, and a snake deal i had in the works has apparently come through...not to mention My amazon tree boas, and the wife's' spotted pythons and her Beauty snakes have been knocking boots for some time so, maybe we will have some hatchlings this year after all...

My dog has vanished we have not seen him for a few days now, this seems to be a pattern here with dogs going missing out here in the boonies (this is the second one to go missing I did however find the first one dead from an apparent snake bite)

the wife has been so tired from her new work duties that i have literally only spent 3 hours with her in the last two days (which really sucks..unlike some husbands i actually enjoy my wife's company we were friends first after all)

The son (Tyler) and i spent the day piddling around town checking out stuff for the gals for Valentines Day and shopping for lumber to build new snake cages with, and helping me wash and dry some cypress for some cages i had already built and needed to finish. I also showed him a couple of judo take downs which his mother wasn't to happy about but her a little bonding never hurt He was a huge help in the snake room on Saturday cut my cleaning and feeding time down to 4 hours instead of 6....I gave him a dollar coin which he spent today poor kid just like me burning a hole in his pocket gotta spend it!)

all in all a typical weekend here at the old


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Cazzie said...

Your poor daughter, I remember my first breakup at age 14 and my mum didnt know what to do with me, I kept saying I just wanted to die. Now, I laugh at it, but then, it was such real pain.
Now, I got me a hubby and four kidletts and never enough time to do the things we used to is funny that way.
I am going to blogroll you as I really want to see your hatchlings if you indeed get any.
My kids and I are so into wildlife, and they are ever the Steve Irwin nature, especially the 4yr old, she just loves any creepy crawlies :)