Sunday, October 11, 2015

An Open Letter to Amy Schumer

 Dear Amy Schumer,

Let me start by saying that I think your brand of self deprecating humor is rather funny most of the time...I also like that you're are a woman who celebrates her curves....In my opinion most women in the media spotlight today need to eat a cheeseburger or two. But after your appearance on SNL last night I have lost all respect for you.

I'm not against all gun laws, nor are many other responsible gun owners.  But I want guns laws to be smart and realistic. I recognize that many of the pro-gun blowhards who fight against any new gun laws say a lot of ridiculous things. But then again so do the tree hugging gun control nuts! While I believe in the right to self-defense, and indeed that all rights are effectively meaningless if you don't have control over your own life, body, and personal safety.  But we live in a society where we can't move freely without a rational fear of being murdered, we should....but sadly we don't....(Fact) 42% of Americans will be the victim of a completed violent crime (assault, robbery, rape) in the course of their lives. 83% of Americans will be the victim of an attempted or completed violent crime. 52% of Americans will be the victim of an attempted or completed violent crime more than once!

I am sensitive to the very real problem of gun deaths in this country. But none of those deaths, tragic as they are, negate my fundamental right and duty to protect myself and my loved ones from harm. We can debate new laws that may have an effect on the margins, but most gun deaths reflect much broader problems in American society. Those who make the policies need to address the underlying causes of gun deaths — particularly suicide, drug prohibition, and domestic violence, on their own terms without abridging law-abiding Americans' fundamental right to self-defense.
But the conversation in the media has been dominated by extremists on both sides and by people like yourself, who have no idea what they're actually talking about. I'm a man who fully understands that self-defense isn't an abstract concept, and that more can be done to reduce gun deaths. But the answer is not an all out ban on Guns!!!!

I'm not a Second Amendment absolutist, and I am open to changes to our gun laws. But gun ownership is important to me, and responsible individuals must be allowed to make the choice for themselves and their families.

Personal safety is ultimately up to each individual, and a responsible person makes adjustments when other people break the rules. There are plenty of people who were in the right who are in the cemetery now. The threat of violence is a part of life. You can get beaten up and killed in this country just for looking at someone the wrong way, or jumped because you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Hell in this country you can be killed for the shoes you are wearing, or for wearing the wrong color in the wrong neighborhood.

On average 33,000 people a year die in automobile accidents in this country every year, and yet I see no one on the television screaming that we need to outlaw cars and trucks. 80,000 people die each year in America from the consumption of alcohol and yet nope.....still no one on television crying for the banning of alcohol sales! (we tried that once and it worked out oh so well didn't it?) 4.5 million people are bitten every year in the U.S. by dogs and yet you guessed it, nobody but P.E.T.A says a word about ending the right of law abiding citizens to own a family pet

Here is a fact you will never hear form the anti-gun lobby! In 1982, the Kennesaw, Georgia City Council unanimously passed a law requiring heads of households to own at least one firearm with ammunition.

a) In order to provide for the emergency management of the city, and further in order to provide for and protect the safety, security and general welfare of the city and its inhabitants, every head of household residing in the city limits is required to maintain a firearm, together with ammunition therefore.
(b) Exempt from the effect of this section are those heads of households who suffer a physical or mental disability which would prohibit them from using such a firearm. Further exempt from the effect of this section are those heads of households who are paupers or who conscientiously oppose maintaining firearms as a result of beliefs or religious doctrine, or persons convicted of a felony.

Do you know what happened the first year after they passed that law? Instead of mass shootings and chaos and bodies stacking up in the streets (as the left wing predicted) crime actually dropped in the city by 42% which was followed the next year by another drop of 40%.... As of today in Kennesaw violent crime rates are about 85% below national and state rates. Property crime rates are from 46-56% below national and state rates. Kennesaw crime statistics reported that both property and violent crimes had decreased since the law passed.....why you ask? Well it's simple really.... because the town is no longer a soft target!

On the other side of the coin, the city of Chicago in 1982 instituted a ban on handguns. This ban barred civilians from possessing handguns except for those registered with the city government prior to enactment of the law. The law also specified that such handguns had to be re-registered every two years or owners would forfeit their right to possess them. In 1994, the law was amended to require annual re-registration.  In the wake of Chicago's handgun ban, at least five suburbs surrounding Chicago instituted similar handgun bans.

Since the outset of the Chicago handgun ban, the percentage of Chicago murders committed with handguns has averaged about 40% higher than it was before the law took effect!!!!!

On October 1, 1987, Florida's right-to-carry law became effective...Since the outset of the Florida right-to-carry law, the Florida murder rate has averaged 36% lower than it was before the law took effect!!!!

In January 1996, Texas's right-to-carry law became effective....Since the outset of the Texas right-to-carry law, the Texas murder rate has averaged 30% lower than it was before the law took effect!!!

You do the Math!!!

As History teaches us... the Road to hell is paved with good intentions....
Werner Best (who would later be a Gestapo official) penned a law in 1931 that required the registration of all firearms in Germany in the name of "Public Safety".
In 1933 the Nazi's seized power in Germany and used the registration records to track down and confiscate those guns.....and we all know how that turned out don't we!
Read your history books:
Soviet Union 1929
The Ottoman Empire 1911
Germany 1938
China 1935
Cambodia 1956
In all, more than 56 million people around the world have been murdered as a result of gun control laws imposed by rulers and despots who knew that the only way they could continue to brutalize their own people and stay in power was by disarming them.

And now left-wing pols, politicians, academics and pundits want our leaders to have the same ability to rule unopposed and unafraid of reprisal.

Our forefathers did not arm the American people for the purpose of hunting, but rather to protect themselves from those who were doing the hunting!

Anyone truly interested in preventing mass murder should not be a supporter of gun control.
I understand the far left is well meaning in their intentions in advocating severe restrictions, bans, and registration...but they are going after law abiding citizens in the process. When it is a criminal and fringe element they need to be addressing.  There are families in America today that rely on guns to put food on their tables!!! Guns are nothing more than tools, much like a hammer, a saw, or an is narrow minded and moronic to blame the gun and not the person behind it who actually pulled the trigger.
in 2011... 323 people were killed in the U.S. by sporting rifles......and yet 496 died at the receiving end of a Hammer bought at the local hardware store
in 2011... 323 people were killed in the U.S. by sporting rifles......and yet 195,000 died on the operating table due to medical malpractice which makes hospitals 603% more deadly than a hunting rifle!
After the war, the remaining Japanese generals and admirals were asked why the DID NOT invade mainland America. Their answer…...they knew that almost every home had guns and the Americans knew how to use them.

The world's largest army...

are America's hunters and private gun owners!

A blogger added up the deer license sales in just a handful of states and arrived at a striking conclusion:

There were over 600,000 hunters this season in the state of Wisconsin ..

Allow me to restate that number.

Over the last several months, Wisconsin 's hunters became the eighth largest army in the world.

More men under arms than in Iran ..

More than in France and Germany combined.

These men deployed to the woods of a single American state to hunt with firearms, and no one was killed.

That number pales in comparison to the 750,000 who hunted the woods of Pennsylvania and Michigan 's 700,000 hunters, all of whom have now returned home.

Toss in a quarter million hunters in West Virginia and it literally establishes the fact that the hunters of those four states alone would comprise the largest army in the world.

 The point?

America will forever be safe from foreign invasion with that kind of home-grown firepower.

Hunting -- it's not just a way to fill the freezer. It's a matter of national security.

Let me add another dimension to the argument one that hits America in the pocketbook

21.8 million Americans hunt each year in this country and they add over 1 Billion dollars to the economy of the U.S. every that is used to pay for government jobs, and to keep national parks open and operating...

are anti Gun supporters going to make up the difference out of their own pockets? I seriously doubt it...

I could go on and on and on

the point of my letter?

I realize you're upset about the people that died in the theatre while watching your movie, that incident and all like it are tragic and pointless.

But I'm reminded of a bumper sticker that used to be affixed to my grandfathers car that read:

When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns!

Pass all the laws you want....but any intelligent person should know that criminals and crazy people don't give a rat's ass about the laws of society either state or federal, and do not fear the consequences of breaking said laws...they will always find a way to get their hands on a firearm and kill!

In the U.K. since the Gun ban that was enacted in 1997... someone is stabbed every 4 seconds in the U.K resulting in over 4,000 deaths a year at the end of a knife!

Violence has been a part of the human race since we crawled up out of the slime...take one weapon away somebody will find or invent another!

Just know that as of today you have been Banned from my household along with:

  • Rosie O'Donnel
  • Mark Wahlberg
  • Danny DeVito
  • Alec Baldwin
  • Drew Barrymore
  • Jon Bon Jovi
  • Michael Douglas
  • Mike Farrell
  • Michael Gross
  • Mark Harmon
  • Dustin Hoffman
  • Mike Myers
  • Sarah Jessica Parker
  • Bruce Springsteen
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Jason Alexander

  • My hard earned American Dollars will be spent on entertainers that understand what it truly means to be an American!

    I think Jefferson said it best...

    “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.”

    – Thomas Jefferson

    or maybe it was Larry the Cable Guy:

    “If guns kill people then pencils misspell words, cars make people drive drunk and spoons made Rosie O’Donnell fat.”

    “Gun control is like trying to reduce drunk driving by making it tougher for sober people to own cars.”

    and last but not least

    “That rifle on the wall of the labourer’s cottage or working class flat is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there.”

    – George Orwell


    Friday, July 03, 2015

    Uncle Ted Speaks!

    Ted Nugent Posted this I thought It was worth re-posting

    For those Americans still capable of actually thinking with a sense of honesty, THINK ABOUT THIS!

    Part I
    A. Back off and let those men who want to marry men, marry men.
    B. Allow those women who want to marry women, marry women.
    C. Allow those folks who want to abort their babies, abort their babies.
    D. In three generations, there will be no liberal democrats.

    Part II
    10 Poorest Cities in America and how did it happen?
    (City, State, % of People Below the Poverty Level)
    1. Detroit , MI 32.5% 
    2. Buffalo , NY 29.9% 
    3. Cincinnati , OH 27.8% 
    4. Cleveland , OH 27.0% 
    5. Miami , FL 26.9% 
    6. St. Louis , MO 26.8%
    7. El Paso , TX 26.4%
    8. Milwaukee, WI 26.2%
    9. Philadelphia , PA 25.1%
    10. Newark , NJ 24.2%

    What do the top ten cities (over 250,000) with the highest poverty rate all have in common?
    Detroit, MI (1st on the poverty rate list) hasn't elected a Republican mayor since 1961
    Buffalo, NY (2nd) hasn't elected one since 1954
    Cincinnati, OH - (3rd) since 1984
    Cleveland, OH - (4th) since 1989
    Miami, FL - (5th) has never had a Republican mayor
    St. Louis, MO - (6th) since 1949
    El Paso, TX - (7th) has never had a Republican mayor Milwaukee, WI - (8th) since 1908
    Philadelphia, PA - (9th) since 1952
    Newark, NJ - (10th) since 1907

    Einstein once said, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

    It is the poor who habitually elect Democrats...yet they are still POOR.
    Part III
    "You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich. 
    You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. 
    You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift. 
    You cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down. 
    You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred. 
    You cannot build character and courage by taking away people's initiative and independence.
    You cannot help people permanently by doing for them, what they could and should do for themselves."
    --Abraham Lincoln

    "Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him had better take a closer look at the American Indian.” -- Henry Ford


    Thursday, May 21, 2015

    Where the fuck is Al Sharpton and his big mouth now? White female police officer shot and killed by black thug in Omaha. No protests, no looting, no fires!
    What's worse is that it has barely been reported by the major news outlets...
    I'm sick of the media scrubbing ANY mention of black on white crime while desperately seeking to demonize white people whenever ONE of them commits a crime against a black.

    There is a trend among white liberals that want us to believe that simply being white is, in and of itself, a great transgression against the rest of the world...

    Gilbert Collar, a white, unarmed 18-year-old man under the influence of drugs, was shot and killed October 6, 2012, by Officer Trevis Austin, who is black, in Mobile, Alabama. Despite public pressure for an indictment, a Mobile County grand jury refused to bring charges against Officer Austin, concluding that the officer acted in self-defense.
    No national and international reaction and media coverage and activism. No protests. No United Nations intervention. Nobody burnt buildings to the ground for the white teen. And if they had done so, the media would have condemned it.
    Now compare a similar shooting death on August 9. Michael Brown, a black unarmed 18-year-old man under the influence of drugs, was shot and killed by Officer Darren Wilson, who is white, in Ferguson.
    A St. Louis County grand jury’s decision not to indict the officer ignited violence and looting in Ferguson and days of protests nationwide against “racial injustice.” The black population burnt buildings to the ground for the black teen, as the media watched without condemning it. The United Nations, which did not intervene for the white teen gunned down, intervened for the black teen gunned down.
    There were national and international protests.
    Why in America does an unarmed black teen killed by a white cop cause outrage and an unarmed white teen killed by a black cop doesn’t?
    Should white populations also burn buildings to the ground to drawn media’s attention for the “racism” of black cops who kill unarmed white teens?
    The color of the offender or of the cop is irrelevant. An offender shot by a cop should be no cause for racial or ideological opportunism!
    Where is the Public outcry for James Whitehead? (Look it up people!)
    To the media, apparently all life doesn’t have the same value.
    While Michael Brown and Freddie Gray's deaths consume newscasts, a dead white cop killed by black men has garnered scarcely any attention!
    The incident took place in Waynesboro, Va.
    Police Officer Kevin Quick, a member of the Waynesboro Police Department, was abducted by four African-American men.
    The men, who allegedly had ties with a Los Angeles-based gang, took Officer Quick to an ATM to withdraw money. Quick was then driven to the forest and killed execution-style by the gang members.  It’s alleged that the motive for the killing was to allow the four suspects to move up in the gang hierarchy by proving their toughness.
    The case received little to no attention until this weekend, when a letter to the editor in the Lowell (Mass.) Sun brought the case back into the internet spotlight.
    “Nowhere in the national media was this murder of a police officer put to paper,” the letter read.
    “But when a white police officer shot a black man named Michael Brown in Missouri, it made the national news for months.”
    “What hypocrites the media has become! Where is the outrage for Quick? Where are the berserk  protesters burning and looting in the name of officer Quick?”
    Sadly, Officer Quick simply wasn’t the right color for this to become an issue.
    The news media does not does not see this incident as news. Rather, it sees it as raw material from which a narrative can be fashioned. From that narrative, the media then advances an agenda.
    It has long been decided that anything that points away from the idea that the African-American community is under political, social, and physical assault from whites simply isn’t true or of interest.
    The problem is that, in a decentralized media environment, incidents like what happened to Officer Kevin Quick spread rapidly.  Even when the media tries to squash it, it eventually slithers into the light of day.
    apparently black lives only seem to matter when they are killed by white cops!
    want a wake up call?
    A 2012 study by the Department of Justice’s Office revealed that in 2010 black males committed six times more murders, three times more rapes, 10 times more robberies and three times more assaults than did their white counterparts. Similar statistics were released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the “Uniform Crime Reports.” They determined, “In the year 2008, black males, who make up 16% of the population, accounted for 52% of  violent crime arrests, including 58% for homicide and 67% for robbery.” By contrast, the only categories where white males surpassed blacks were in liquor law violations and driving under the influence.

    Even black civil rights advocates such as Van Jones, President Barack Obama’s former green jobs czar, confirmed these findings. In his October 5, 2005 article, “Are Blacks a Criminal Race?” Jones wrote, “African American youth represent 32% of all weapons arrests and were arrested for aggravated assault at a rate nearly three times that of whites.”

    In a 2011 speech Philadelphia’s black Mayor Michael Nutter offered the following admonishment to black males: “You have damaged your own race,” he said. “Take those damned hoodies down. Pull your pants up and buy a belt because no one wants to see your underwear or the crack of your butt.” -

    Based on current rates of first incarceration, an estimated 32% of black males will enter State or Federal prison during their lifetime, compared to 17% of Hispanic males and 5.9% of white males.
    In "The Color of Crime: Race, Crime and Justice in America," produced by the "right-leaning" New Century Foundation in 2005, using the same FBI and Justice surveys, startling facts emerge:

    "Blacks commit more violent crime against whites than against other blacks." Forty-five percent of the victims of violent crime by blacks are white folks, 43 percent are black, 10 percent are Hispanic.

    Blacks are seven times as likely as people of other races to commit murder, eight times more likely to commit robbery and three times more likely to use a gun in a crime.

    "Blacks are an estimated 39 times more likely to commit violent crime against a white person than vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit robbery." (If decent black folks have trouble hailing a cab, and they do, these numbers may help explain it.)

    Black-on-white rape is 115 times more common than the reverse.

    Interracial rape is almost exclusively black on white — with 14,000 assaults on white women by African Americans in 2007. Not one case of a white sexual assault on a black female was found in the FBI study.”

    Though blacks are outnumbered 5-to-1 in the population by whites, they commit eight times as many crimes against whites as the reverse. By those 2007 numbers, a black male was 40 times as likely to assault a white person as the reverse.

    The arrest rate for Blacks is more than double that of whites.
    Source: FBI

    In Atlanta, African-Americans make up 54 percent of the population, but are responsible for 100 percent of homicide, 95 percent of rape, 94 percent of robbery, 84 percent of aggravated assault, and 93 percent of burglary.Source: APD Uniform Crime Reports, Apr 2011 to Apr 2012

    If interracial crime is the ugliest manifestation of racism, what does this tell us about where racism really resides — in America?

    73 percent of all black children are born out of wedlock....In the entire recorded history of the planet, there has never been a greater voluntary abandonment of men from their children than there is today in black America.

    Al Sharpton, the Rev. Jesse Jackson and Ben Jealous of the NAACP are calling on the black community to rise up in national protest, when what they should be doing is urging their community to exercise personal responsibility.

    with statistics like these is it any wonder that police officers react the way they do the black males.

    In firearms training for law enforcement police officers are typically instructed to use deadly force if in imminent danger of being killed or suffering great bodily injury.

    If you look like a duck, sound like a duck, waddle and fly like a duck...chances are your going get shot come duck season....

    Wednesday, May 20, 2015

    That's right boys and girls...Yours truly is on two wheels again!!!


    Tuesday, May 19, 2015

    Did you Know that as the Head of State in Australia, the Queen of England has certain powers over the government? In 1975, for example, the Queen's representative in the country at the time, Governor General Sir John Kerr, fired the Prime Minister in response to a government shutdown. Kerr then appointed a replacement, who immediately passed the spending bill to fund the government.  Three hours later, Kerr dismissed the rest of Parliament. Then Australia held elections to restart from scratch. And they haven't had another shutdown since!
    I for one wish that we had a system in place where we could do something similar aside from the standard voting process every two years.
    The fact is, Presidents have no Constitutional authority to do most of the things they claim they can do. They can only ask the Congress to do what they want. 
    Our so-called representatives have sold us out so many times it makes me sick to my stomach... and what do we all do? We not only let them keep their jobs but we also allow them to give themselves a raise for the fine job of screwing us. Last time around they gave themselves a $4,500 raise. When was the last time you received a raise like that?  The way we've been holding our representatives accountable is to let them keep their $174,000 a year base salary job, so they can stick it to us for another two years! In case you're wondering, that's $14,500 a month!
    During the 2013 government shutdown 1.3 million workers went without pay, over 800,000 civilian employees were furloughed. And the hard working men and women in the military were not paid as scheduled.  Federal law enforcement agents, doctors and nurses working in federal hospitals, air traffic controllers for the Department of Defense, at least half of the civilian workforce, and the full-time, dual-status military technicians in the US National Guard and traditional Guardsmen were furloughed and not paid while the shutdown was is in effect. Shutdowns also affect municipal governments, closing schools and suspending utilities and worse, and yet members of congress are paid because their pay cannot be altered except by direct law. This needs to CHANGE!
    If we are ever going to get a grip on our government, we're going to have to start acting like the employers that we are.  Congress is supposed to work for US, not bankers and corporations. What would you do If you owned a company and none of your employees listened to you, they lied to you, didn't do the jobs you gave them to do, and in fact, were actually working for your competition and selling your company down the river as fast as they could?  I don't think you'd keep them on and give them a raise!
    We Have a Constitution People! If followed, it limits the ability of the Federal government to tax, regulate and control our lives. THIS is the job we're hiring representatives to do for us. We're not hiring them to crank out endless streams of legislation that complicate our lives, cost us money and serve the interests of the 1 percent.

    Strict adherence and enforcement of the Constitution is the ONLY thing that makes it a LOT harder for those with the most wealth to seize the powers of government and use it for their own purposes.  Our Congress has abdicated its responsibilities and handed the powers of government over to corporate interests that have absolutely no allegiance to this nation, to the Constitution, and certainly not to playing fair.  Both major political parties are complicit.  They have shredded the Constitution and Bill of Rights in exchange for filthy lucre.
    There is a mountain of evidence, a small fraction of which is posted all over the web, to prove that powerful corporations, through their control of our election process, the legislative powers of government, the courts, the international treaty process, the world's currencies and of course, virtually total control of our mainstream media, have just about totally taken over our country.  If we don't take control of Congress away from them, and fast, by a massive act of civil disobedience, we are simply not going to survive as a nation much longer the way things are going.
    So here's the bottom line. If you're one of those people that bitches and belly-aches and complains about what Congress is doing to us, and you are not helping to make sure the people doing it are removed from office, then you have no right to complain! At the very least, don't you think holding them accountable should mean the people WE KNOW ARE BETRAYING US lose their seat in Congress? 
    If most people continue to vote the way they usually do, in a way that allows most incumbents to be re-elected, how are we holding any of them accountable for anything? We should deliberately vote for an incumbent's strongest competitor in order to make sure the incumbent will be voted out of office.
    Vote for America in the upcoming elections, not a political party.

    Monday, May 18, 2015

    I only have three words...FUCK Kanye West! I'm glad this turd got booed last night at the Billboard awards....It's about time there were some repercussions directed at this clown. He has let his ass overload his mouth far too many times! Accept it dude your a flaming egotistical and self-centered asshole. You make even Courtney Loves seem sane...and what's even worse is that you won't own it.  That's right I typed it're a bitch! After every one of your belligerent gin and juice soaked eventually buckle and apologize and blame someone else for your many and myriad personality flaws. Cowboy up dude you're an asshole...quit being a pussy and own it!  You're such a douche bag that you even make Fred Durst seem like a decent human being. And While I'm on the subject How many awards did you win last night? How many did BeyoncĂ© win? Well Taylor swift won (count em') eight! So dude put on your leather sweat pants and take a few laps around the block and Yeezus man get over yourself already... also one more thing... your not a genius.. Jimmi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain and Toni Iommi are geniuses.....your a piss-ant

    Nuff said!