Saturday, December 09, 2006

I hate "Boys"

Ok so my daughter who is just shy of her 15th birthday has brought a "Boy" home for me to meet. Arrgghhh why do they have to grow up? Why can's she play in the mud and carry frogs in her pockets forever? Why can't their daddies be the man in the lives forever, why do they have to notice boys at all? I think i would be more comfortable if she brought home a girl for me to meet (at least then i wouldn't worry about her getting pregnant)! Just means I'm getting old i guess! Anyway he seems to be an ok kid we have the same hairstyle, we like the same music, he plays drums, I play guitar, he rides skateboards, i used to race BMX bikes and motorcross, he has facial piercings and so do I! Kind of scary and weird all in one....I told him as long as he respects me, my wife, our rules, and most importantly my daughter we are cool...and if not well i'll show him Mr. .45 acp and what it can I think it is neat that she seeks my approval, she even asked me to take it easy on him and not "scare" him too bad as she "Really likes this one"
I don't think I'm going to handle the future very well at all.....she will be driving before long.
No wonder my hair is falling out and turning grey!

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